Tim Green

Electro | UK


The producer behind Invisible Minds still finds time to explore the wide region of techno from where he first emerged.

“Her Future Ghost” is his latest album and demonstrates his instinctive gift and skill as a producer. Each track is an episode in an epic cinematic masterpiece of long form techno. A genre usually associated with single tracks, techno rarely delivers albums like this.

From gorgeous, languid, underwater slow motion ambient gauze to the precise, faultless forward motion rhythm. There are strains of fourth world dream sound appearing. The album, beautifully sequenced and considered, leads to a thrilling vertical ascent on the final two tracks. Almost 10 minutes each, they give full scope for Tim to deliver a command performance in virtuoso electronic music.

Music to ride a futuristic monorail that has stations named after Kraftwerk, Carl Craig and Larry Heard. Climb aboard and settle into your seat.