Halo Maud

Alternative, Pop | France


Paris based Halo Maud is the perfect definition of bohemian enigma. Almost painfully intimate and poetic lyrics paint a dreamshaped, softly lit otherworld. Literate and artful. A gifted multi-instrumentalist.

Halo Maud appeared out of the imagination of Maud Nadal. Her gossamer vocals drift between French and English, strangely beguiling in two languages. Never hurried and not over concerned with exact dates. Halo Maud formed sometime around 2012. Heavenly Records, appreciators of all things strange, warped and gently dazed, released her debut album in 2018. One of the songs on there “Je Suis Une Ile” (I’m an Island) could almost neatly define her art. Individual and on her own. Blissfully detached from a world of conventional, production line pop.

Guitars drift in warm reverb, gossamer melody appears and vanishes. Her beautiful, fragile vocals float with shadow weight. Into this she drops cut up sound collage, childrens voices, vapour trails of guitar, nursery percussion. There is always a subtle darkness to the beauty. Her voice arcs and swirls high above, over everything. Her lyrics hint and reveal an obsession with ritual, time and the dark side of love.

Halo Maud has the gift to transport, and beguile the listener with short, deceptively sweet pop spells.

      • Des Bras
      • Wherever

    Album Releases

    Je Suis Une Ile