We are a critical part of the music industry.

We may not make headlines but we are, and always have been, behind the music. We have heritage. Established in 1987 as a division of [PIAS].

What we do comes from a love of music. This, at some point, became a deep appreciation and understanding of it. Add a solid respect and proactive commercial responsibility and you get close to knowing what we do.

Established and based in Brussels with an office in Paris. We remain proudly and defiantly independent.

It was always critical that geographic boundaries would not dictate our direction. This is where Brussels makes perfect sense. Central to Europe. A unique cultural convergence point. An Anglo / German / French / Latin dialogue open to the World.

The purpose of an artist is to create and to perform. Our role is to provide the artists we work with the confidence of knowing that their work, and their income, is being carefully securely protected and maximized.

The contemporary publishing company has to think creatively. This was always our belief. The right song, the right artist and the perfect opportunity. Always the right terms.

Music as a commercial currency has never been so complex. Very effective publishing has never been such a critical conduit between creative value and commercial reward.

We align ourselves with labels, artists and platforms that share our ideals and sincere commitment to integrity.

It is artists who write songs that change peoples lives at four in the morning. They craft subtle scores that elevate films from being a night at the cinema to the stuff of lifetime memory.

Artists make powerful music that inspires people to dream about ideas, possibilities, brands and beliefs.

The artists we work with do it to the highest possible mark. We make certain that their work is being commercially optimized. We ensure that the money they generate is paid promptly and in full. We explore the untapped areas of revenue and open up entirely fresh possibilities.

Although it may lack the thrill and glamour of the stage and studio it is something of an artform.

With the support of ST’ART