Hyphen Hyphen

Alternative | France


Hyphen Hyphen is a French Trio composed by Santa, Line and Adam.

With more than 500 concerts in France and Europe, the band live performances are unanimously hailed. They were rewarded by « Les Victoires de la Musique », a French Music Award for Best New Live Performance. The same year, their debut album "Times" was a gold record, carried by their massive hit "Just Need Your Love".
The band who met in high school in Nice, has built a solid reputation in Europe over the years, bringing and defending essential messages such as freedom, hope and living together, thanks to strong tracks such as «Like Boys», «Mama Sorry» and «Young Leaders».
They put Europe on fire, enjoying the last days of live performances just before the first lockdown, during a sold out Tour in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Hyphen Hyphen’s songs were listened over 100 million times, and their community is over 300,000 subscribers on their social networks. The band is also well known for their music selected for major luxury brands campaigns such as Armani, Yves Saint-Laurent, and Lacoste, which chose "Like Boys" for the World Campaign sync of the fragrance "French Panache".

Photo: Manu Fauque

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