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Hard to believe the band has been in the public light since 2002. Adored by critics and fans alike who see the band as a part of a distinguished post punk legacy of Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cure and early U2.

Taut, dark and intriguing. Classically great songwriting fused with beautifully textured and nuanced sound. That the original members met at university studying Music Technology is significant.

It is the dynamic and effortless gift for shadowed angular and epic songs that set the band apart. Along the way the band has earned Mercury nominations, multi million selling records and rapturous acclaim for their live performances supporting the strong argument that Editors are amongst the era defining bands of the last two decades.

Many bands shout about being great. Some bands, such as Editors, just get on with it.

    • Frankenstein
    • Barricades
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The Blanck Mass Sessions

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