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To his parents and bank manager he is J. M. Lemmens. To a growing audience who love his complex, literate and deep lyricism dropped over a stew of hip hop, electronica and sharp pop hooks, he is Glints. Some artists make music for the head. Some make music for the body. Occasionally, someone makes music that hits all points.

We know he was born in Belgium. We think there is some British DNA in there. We are sure he was always given to music. His debut track “Dread” set out his style and was immediately picked up by radio and media. Marked as an artist to watch, there are a lot of eyes, and ears, trained on Glints. Those who care little for categories in music will appreciate the eclectic flow of Glints.

    • Lemonade Money
    • Fear Feat. Dvtch Norris

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