Antoine Innocent

Soul | Belgium


Antoine Innocent was born in Paris to a French mother and an American father of Haitian origin.His childhood spanned France, Canada and Belgium. This multiplicity expresses itself through his music.

His youth was spent mainly with his mother, whom he followed, accompanied by his older sister, on her professional journey from Paris to Brussels via Ottawa. Through spending four months a year on the road with his father, a singer, he was quickly confronted with the « artists life ». These trips showed Antoine Innocent the sometimes difficult daily life of a touring musician, travelling in a camper van and moving from city to city, from motel to motel. Antoine accompanied his father, assisting him in the logistics of the stage. This life on the road, while tough at times, proved to be formative, cultivating Antoine’s love for music and fanned the flames of his creativity.

His inspirations range from Stevie Wonder to Prince, Elton John and Nat King Cole; all artists who were not afraid to integrate in their music the values which they defend. We find these influences in the colour of Antoine Innocent’s music, which owes a lot to the flavour of the music coming out of the late seventies. He brings this style to life by orchestrating a team of musicians for live tape recording of his songs as it was done in the golden age of the musical style that he cherishes.

Love, fear of abandonment and mental health issues are recurring themes in his lyrics, as much as they are recurring experiences in his personal life. Today, Antoine Innocent has only one desire: to share his story through his music, and in particular through live performance.