Electronic | Egypt


Be thankful for people like Crammed/Acid Arab. In a world of safe bets and commercial predictions they keep things interesting. They keep us listening.

One day, a film will be made about Rozzma. A future myth of a digital age. Rozzma disappeared into a hole of time and space 7000 years ago. He returns to a world where King Tutankhamouns mask is now measured in worth by one pound coins which are devalued by 40% and falling fast. The gold mask, once the most advanced, sacred and revered feat of art and engineering in the world now worth only a pile of legalised junk bond soft metal coins. Rozzma is distraught, remembering the Egypt he knew as a mighty civilisation ruler.

The film will be a ground breaking 4D, immersive experience. It will tell the entire seven millennium story in less than one hour in hyper real detail.

This record will be the soundtrack. A disturbing, desolate landscape where derelict trap beats detonate like explosive devices. Lost Eastern melodies shimmer in the distance through the orange haze of pollution in a dying Sun. Hazardous chemical spills, pools of damaged electronic sound.

Thank you Acid Arab/Crammed. Once again!