Matias Aguayo And The Desdemonas

Alternative | Germany


Of course you know Matias Aguayo. Chilean born and German raised. His cool, stripped back electronica helped evolve techno and electronic music. That he has released a number of records on the prestigious Kompakt label tells you everything about the quality of his work. A legendary, and highly respected, DJ, his name appears on the great festival line ups globally.

Then, there is the other side of Matias. The Desdemonas are his 4 piece scuzz rock gang. Primal, greasy and lethal. Matias steps up as a compelling singer / frontman backed by Henning Specht on keyboards, Gregoria Gomez on low slung bass and, keeping the thing on track, drummer Matteo Scrimali keeps the motorik rhythm pounding.

Night time music for people who never sleep. Music to drive very fast through sleeping cities to. Cold sweat music with a strange look in it’s blank, saucer eyes.

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