Louise Roam

Pop | France


It is more than a simple change of name.When Aurelie Mestres becomes Louise Roam she crosses over into a very different zone. Traces of her formal command of violin, trombone and piano are worked into a beautiful electronic abstraction. Found sound adds to the exhilarating disorientation. Floating over, and through this, are her beautiful, delicate and pure vocals.

Experimental to the point of accidental. A gorgeous drift that explores the hybrid region of emotion and occasionally failing technology.

This blooms, together, into intoxicating, hallucinatory and dream shaped sound.

Louise Roam is the first artist signed to our boutique label, Strictly Recordings. The truth is, we would have created a record label for something like Louise Roam anyway.

Remember that feeling when you first fell in love with unconventional music?

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