Kodo Together



The traditional Japanese drumming collective Kodo’s vibrant living art-form explores limitless rhythmic possibilities. Their thunderous performances transcend both language and cultural boundaries, connecting people all over the globe with their heartbeat: the primal source of all rhythm.

For their latest project, Kodo have joinied forces with an array of influential international artists from Jamaica, Iceland, Italy, India, U.S.A., South Africa, U.K. and more Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra, Kevin Saunderson & Justin Cholewski, Andrea Belfi, Equiknoxx & Skream to name a few), for a groundbreaking collaborative project, "Kodo Together".

Kodo’s Yuta Sumiyoshi says: “Pushing the musical capabilities of taiko is not just a mission for Kodo, but also something I live by. Through these collaborations with talented artists from around the world, we hope to showcase the musical potential and possibilities of the taiko.