Jamie Webster

Rock | UK

Represented: Europe (ex. UK), Turkey, Israel, Russia


Jamie Webster is the ascending music star from Liverpool who writes stories and melodies about his life and the life of a million other young kids up and down the UK. This is why in such a short space of time he has already become the voice of the forgotten generation in Liverpool. Jamie opens with, “Every kid wants to be a footy player growing up. I was no different – but I always liked music and sang. So at 13 when I realised football wasn’t happening I thought I want to get into music big time. It just felt right for me.”

Jamie’s lyrics are honest and touching, with that sense of understanding that comes from a working class upbringing. Marrying the best of football and music culture Jamie wants to “make you feel part of something.” Just as watching your favourite band or football team does. “When you’re stood there at a game or a gig with your mates, letting off all your steam, that is what it’s all about, this is what footy and music does. It breaks down barriers and borders, it doesn’t discriminate. It’s just a beautiful thing.”