Alain Chamfort

Chanson | France


‘Variété’ is a unique French genre. Difficult to explain in any language. It exists outside of rock and pop but enjoys a critical acclaim beyond easy listening.

Alain Le Gavir is Variété royalty with collaborations with Serge Gainsbourg, Claude Francois and others in a career spanning fifty years and still going strong. His latest, fifteenth, album suggests that, like good wine, age makes the singer finer. As French as the cider and crepes of his native Bretagne. As effortlessly elegant as a perfectly cut suit. The album is titled “Le Désordre Des Choses” (Chaos of Things) – a good indicator that there is still a healthy level of rebel spirit underneath all of the suave charm.

Songs that delight with sumptious arrangements, gently intoxicating melody and seductive vocal smoke.

A very different kind of cool.

    • Les Microsillons

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Le Désordre Des Choses