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Strictly Confidential

Even the nicest opera singing choir boys eventually grow up into loud mouth adolescents with blossoming mustaches, who get kicked out by the choirmaster. By the age of 13, Jan Maarschalk Lemmens joins his first bands and later becomes obsessed with hip-hop.

Glints is not your everyday rapping hip-hopper. Visually he creates a vibrant microcosmos that put’s a spin on many of hip-hop’s clichés, switching flashy Maserati’s for Citroën Berlingo’s and aggressive pitbulls for fair horses. He shares an old Hallal slaughterhouse with his roommates, the self-proclaimed Abbatoir Anvers, where he surrounds himself with his close team of creative friends. “It’s us. These people are actually my friends, they’re our cars, our pets that feature in the clips, in a way it’s our universe. A colorful representation of my personality.” Glints explains.

  • Lemonade Money
  • Bugatti