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Meetings, writing sessions, songs that, like me, were fueled by travelling back and forth between London and Brussels". This is how Blanche sums up the three years that passed between one evening in spring 2017 when she revealed herself to the whole of Europe with "City Lights" and her first album, "Empire", which will be released on 24 April 2020.

Her new single "Empire" gets straight to the point. Empire is a pop song. "Empire"is a melancholic song. Empire is a song where the voice of Ellie Delvaux blends with traditional instruments (piano, drums, guitar, cello) and modern electro. " "Empire "evokes the construction of a self-empire. A cold empire of certainties, flawless and where emotions are absent. Love is a fever that you have to escape from, " says its author. "There is also talk of opening treason and abandonment.”

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