Sand Castle Tapes

New EP

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Play It Again Sam
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Boatmen - Strictly Confidential

Following the release of new album Sand back in February, Belgian art-poppers Balthazar released "Sand Castle Tapes". An EP that came to life along "Sand Castle Tapes", a documentary and live concert filmed by Heleen Declercq and co-produced with Holy Shit

The film captures the band's stay over a few nights at a beautiful old (possibly haunted) castle near Brussels following lockdown. Having been kept apart until this stay, the band came together for the first time to interpret the new songs and play for friends. Declercq's inquisitive eye captures the magical atmosphere - "Sand Castle Tapes" is not just a filmed live show, but an intimate look at Balthazar as their music and story unfolds within the ancient castle walls.

The band say of the stay: “You only get to fully understand an album when you start playing it together, the relaxed circumstances lead to a whole other way of interpreting the songs than we would have for a live show. It’s refreshing, it’s very human.”

  • Moment - Sand Castle Version