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Strictly Confidential France, Talitres

Maxwell Farrington & Le SuperHomard’s debut album "Once" was not just a fortuitous collaboration, but the beginning of a beautiful musical partnership. The album’s timeless pop, nuanced arrangements, and regal vocals transcended a mere first attempt.

"Please, Wait …" , their sophomore album, emerges from a profound collaborative evolution, contrasting with "Once", which was crafted remotely during the lockdown. This album is steeped in shared experiences from two years of touring, showcasing a symbiotic musical evolution between Maxwell and Christophe. In the fall of 2022, they began laying down initial tracks, seeking new sonic landscapes. They formed a novel partnership with the Nancy Opera and later reimagined and rerecorded the album at L’Autre Canal with opera and conservatory musicians. This cross- pollination of classical and contemporary sounds has imbued the album with a fresh grandeur, elevating it through the incorporation of strings, brass, woodwinds, and eclectic instruments like pedal steel in “Postprandial Promenade,” theremin in “Plat du Jour,” and an array of enchanting synthesizers.

"Please, Wait …" is not just an album; it’s a journey into the realm of the senses, an invitation to a dreamscape where listeners are free to find their own meaning. This record is a testament to beauty and modern hedonism, crafted by artists who live and breathe the epicurean ethos.