New EP

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Kwaidan Records
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Strictly Confidential France, Kwaidan

That his first EP is called "America" is just one of its many paradoxes. Italian musician, Alessio Peck, has actually settled in Paris and sings in his native language. He is an expansive musician whose transformation into a singer-songwriter marks a return to his country’s glorious musical past.

In the space of four tracks, he embraces the diverse cultures that have influenced him during his childhood and over the last ten years of roaming the indie rock scene. Through this ideal synthesis, "America" describes the arc of an artist who dreamt of the homeland of rock, fantasizing about this land of possibility. The disappointment in debunking this myth turned out to be fruitful, leading him to embrace both his Italian DNA and its assimilation into international pop.

In four songs, he brings together six decades - from the 60s to today - as well as every realm of pop-song, from Rimini to California via Liverpool and Boston. From now on, no need for Alessio to hide or overdo it. His short, incisive formats, are the sort of compositions that used to be played on the radio, that get stuck in your head once you’ve heard them once, uniting generations like at a popular dance. Alessio Peck is a modern and romantic rocker, using the electric guitar as much as the vintage synthesizer, and not turning down a sax solo, a clap on the dancefloor, nor an ardent organ.

Make no mistake. Behind the apparent lightness and heady verses and choruses, Alessio Peck’s pop is more serious than futile. It’s about love, the sort that gives you wings, but also the sort that burns them and sends you into the abyss. The responsibilities that become apparent on the path to adulthood, the identity crisis that emerges when the certainties and carefree attitude of adolescence have taken flight. An artist who makes the most of the musical world tour he has accomplished and is seeking answers to the questions of his own life. America, Italia... it doesn’t matter, the world is his oyster.

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