Sohnarr - Coral Dusk

Nouvel album

Release date:
Released by:
[PIAS] Recordings
Published by:
Strictly Confidential

Two years ago Patricia Vanneste decided to leave Balthazar, the band she had started together with Jinte Bernardt and Maarten Devoldere 15 years ago. She left Patricia behind and let Sohnarr in.

Late 2018 Patricia traveled on her own through the autumn coloured landscapes of Sweden and Norway. Taking only a violin, a microphone, a laptop and a good pair of shoes with her, she sought out the most remote places she could find. Where her eyes would only meet those of animals or human-shaped clouds. Nature has always had this strange power over her that makes her forget about who or what she represents in everyday life. Intuitively, with music being the language that can capture what cannot be put into words. "Coral Dusk" is what the album she brought back home with her. Every note was composed and recorded by Patricia in the middle of nature, and mixed by herself upon her return to Belgium.

But there’s more…
In order to give the listener the true essence of Coral Dusk, to get as close as possible to sharing some of that solitude and silence in which the album was created in the Scandinavian surroundings of pure nature, Patricia has created the Sohnarr Sjel, an impressive art installation cube. The Sjel is a shelter, a quiet haven but also a reference to the shell we leave behind and let go of what we know and who we are. Its mirrored walls seem to melt into its surroundings in nature and the last thing you see upon entering the Sjel is also what you leave behind that same moment: yourself.

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