The Colorist Orchestra

New Signing

The Colorist Orchestra, formed in 2013, is an unusual pop/chamber music collective founded and led by Aarich Jespers and Kobe Proesmans. The fundamental idea is to rearrange the repertoire of an invited singer-songwriter. The unorthodox use of classical instruments in combination with a variety of musical objects is the foundation of The Colorist’s sound.

Inspired by the works of Harry Partch, Moondog, Kronos Quartet, Talking Heads and Steve Reich a.o., songs are 're-colored' resulting in a 'acoustic live remix’ or ‘an inverse Karaoke’. The eight-piece outfit is characterized by its members: Kobe Proesmans (percussion, calabash), Aarich Jespers (percussion, flapamba), Sep François (melodic percussion, hammered mbar), Wim De Busser (grand piano, prepared piano, keys), Tim Vandenbergh (double bass, electric bass), Gerrit Valckenaers (bass clarinet, stones, mirrors, glass bowls, electronics), Jeroen Baert (violin), Karel Coninx (viola).

Kobe and Aarich make their compositions with each particular instrumentalist in mind. With a background in percussion, they choose for multi layered grooves and a filmic approach, aiming to create specific atmospheres supported by their set-up on stage, which resembles an ever changing wooden installation. With an array of different sounding objects as the red line trough every collaboration, the Colorist Orchestra defines its way of recoloring while searching for the thin line between pop, classical and underground music. They also compose for theatre and film.

The Colorist Orchestra have had the honor of working live with:

-Sumie Nagano (Japan/Sweden - Bella Union) 2014,
-Cibelle (UK/Brazil - Crammed Disc) 2014
-Emiliana Torrini (Iceland - Rough Trade) 2015. The European tour extended into a live album.
-Lisa Hannigan (Ireland- Pias) 2017. + Live EP
-Howe Gelb (USA - Welcome Rain Wonder Mint) 2019
-Gabriel Rios (Puerto Rico, Sony Music) 202