Salya Part 2

New EP

Release date:
Released by:
Sony/Epic France
Published by:
Strictly Confidential France

After a therapeutic and melancholic debut EP, Salya is now releasing a second EP, "Part. 2". Salya accepts her emotions and turns her feelings into her strength in a more resolute but also lighter second opus.
Taken together, these two EPs complement each other and lay the foundations for her music: thrilling, delicate pop, sometimes heady, sometimes poignant, carried by lyrics mainly written in French after having sung most of her life in English.
A way for her to be as honest as possible: "I was very afraid to write in French, because I felt it would be a total exposure. In English, you can be anyone, you can invent lots of things (and that's something I love about music: telling stories). What's more, it's a malleable language: vocally, you can allow yourself to go anywhere, in head voice, in throat voice... In French, it's more complicated: I feel obligated to be me. I can be less of a... fabulator, let's say [laughs]."

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