Pourriture Noble

New Album

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Top Notch
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Strictly Confidential

Zwangere Guy x Lander Gyselinck found each other in the first dark pandemic days of 2020. A rotten period when artists - without a stage - had to get their inspiration from somewhere. The love of adventure in music connected them and a long creative process sprouted. That resulted in the downright catchy but equally adventurous album "Pourriture Noble".

Zwangere Guy drops his harness and makes room for Gorik van Oudheusden, rapping about insecurities, self-loathing, anger and sadness. Virtuoso but also fragile. The street dealer with the big mouth on the road with the jazz knight. Lander Gyselinck sits in his cockpit behind the drums and rather as a composer and arranger seeks melancholy and color through melody. He challenges Gorik to more experimental streams of words.