Nova Materia - It Comes

New Album

Release date:
Released by:
Crammed Discs
Published by:
Strictly Confidential France, Les Editions de la Bascule

Nova Materia is a French/Chilean duo. With them, nothing is usual: their instruments are steel tubes, iron plates, stones that get scraped or projected unto metal surfaces, guitars positioned horizontally and struck with mallets, as well as an array of electronic gear. They sing, chant or whisper mysterious lyrics and slogans (in French, English, Spanish and in imaginary tongues), which contribute to creating their own primal and futuristic mythology. Nova Materia creates tracks that are in turn hyper-rhythmical and dreamy, poised between postpunk rock and electronic dance music.

Singles: Nov Power, Follow You All The Way

Release date 28/09/2018 on Crammed Discs
Published by Strictly Confidential and Les Editions de la Bascule