Flux Flou de la Foule

New Album

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Released by:
62TV Records
Published by:
Strictly Confidential, 62TV Recordings

Singer Françoiz Breut established herself as an important player on the French music scene since the mid-90’s. Breut, who is known for melancholy, introspective lyrics and a smoky, jazz-tinged approach to music, has inspired a variety of comparisons. She has been compared to the ‘60s icon Françoise Hardy as well as German singer Nico.

Whoever listened to Françoiz Breut's last albums before "Flux Flou de la Foule" will be surprised by the before-and-after effect: how changed the sound seems, how changed the artist seems. Before she was the queen of the indie chanson, now she walks as a matter of course in the chanson électronique. Instead of a conventional guitar band, Françoiz Breut works together with the young musicians Marc Melià and Roméo Poirier on computers and synthesizers to create a sound concept that was developed together with the compositions from the very beginning.The result is coherent, harmonic and a bit like in an enchanted universe.