Eternally Frozen

New EP

Release date:
Released by:
Bow/Maple Death
Published by:
Strictly Confidential

The EP "Eternally Frozen" consists of a series of canon-based compositions for brass ensemble, percussion and synthesizer by Andrea Belfi. The canon is an ancient compositional technique in which an initial melody is imitated at a specified time interval by one or more parts, creating illusionary never-ending musical journeys.

After many years of sonic explorations with percussion, drums, and electronics, Belfi is here projecting himself as a composer through the direction of the ensemble Zinc and Copper in the realization of these canonic works. There are evident echoes of the works of Arthur Russell, Miles Davis, Moondog, William Basinski, and the Italian soundtrack tradition of Ennio Morricone and Egisto Macchi.

  • Exotica