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Strictly Confidential

Belgian songwriter Blanche returns with her new album ‘Empire’. The album showcases a multi-faceted artist, with elements from all ends of the musical spectrum used to create an emphatic piece of alt-pop bliss.

Meetings, writing sessions, songs that, like me, were fueled by travelling back and forth between London and Brussels" - reveals Blanchesumming up the three years that passed from spring 2017 when she revealed herself to the whole of Europe with "City Lights" and her new album. 41 Million streams worldwide later, the Belgian songwriter has been writing and recording with some of the best producers in the business.

"Empire is an album to be digested from start to finish, whereby every song has been placed with intention. Empire is rich in arrangements, nuanced in its rhythms and dripped in diversified themes. This is my album; these are my songs and my feelings. Some songs are more personal, others are like modern tales.”

“Immersive and Intimate” - Complex UK
“A striking return, a bold, confident approach” - Clash

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