Redrawn Figures

Nouvel album

Release date:
Released by:
Crammed Discs
Published by:
Strictly Confidential, Editions de la Bascule

Fifteen music artists revisit the tracks and the cover art of the Figures album!

Following the release of Aksak Maboul’s acclaimed Figures double album (in mid-2020), fifteen artists have revisited songs from the legendary experimental pop band’s ‘comeback’ opus (mini-biog below).

These diverse, colourful interpretations range from simple remixes to reconstructions and cover versions, or a combination of all of these. They’re now ready to be released on two separate, limited-edition vinyl LPs, as well as on two digital albums.

The participants include experimental pop luminaries The Notwist (DE), Cate Le Bon (GB), Kate NV (RU) and Vanishing Twin (GB), respected electronic music artists Felix Kubin (DE), Tolouse Low Trax (DE), Hello Skinny aka Tom Skinner (Thom Yorke’s new bandmate in the Smile project, GB), Matias Aguayo (CL/DE) and Stubbleman aka Pascal Gabriel (GB/BE), revered experimentalist Carl Stone (US), up-an-coming beat makers Shungu (BE) and ohh_luuu (US), Nihiloxica’s Spooky-J (GB) and Chicago house veteran Jordan Fields (US).

The collection is rounded off by four reworks made by Aksak Maboul’s Marc Hollander. More details below. In order to extend the fun (and the metaphor in the title), Aksak Maboul have asked the contributors to also revisit Véronique Vincent’s painting which adorned the front cover of Figures! So the artwork for Redrawn Figures 1 will display 16 “redrawings” of the original cover, done by most of the artists mentioned above, each in his own personal style. As for cover of Redrawn Figures 2, it features a visual remix of Véronique’s painting by renowned French painter Hervé Di Rosa (co-founder of the Figuration Libre movement, which, drawing inspiration from comics, graffiti and outsider art, blew a breath of fresh air into museums, in France and worldwide).