Racing The Storm

Nouvel album

Release date:
Released by:
Bella Union
Published by:
Strictly Confidential

There’s something almost magical about a great collaboration. When two artists are able to synchronize on an infinitesimal level, where each note and breath and strum aligns to create a perfect whole. The Colorist Orchestra know how to do this — in fact, they’ve made it their speciality. Since 2013, the Belgian duo (comprised of multi-instrumentalists and longtime friends Aarich Jespers and Kobe Proesmans) have made a career out of reimagining the discographies of a wide array of artists, using their background in pop, electronic, and world music to transform the songs.

Recently, they have reconnected with acclaimed Icelandic singer-songwriter Emiliana Torrini, with whom they first collaborated in 2018 on the album "The Colorist Orchestra & Emiliana Torrini". This time, however, their project exceeded even their own expectations. They release "Racing the Storm", a joint record that takes both artists to towering new heights. An album of all original material, it melds TCO’s classical chamber pop roots with the power and fragility of Emiliana’s understated songwriting.

  • Hilton (Radio Edit)