Témé Tan

Indie Pop | Belgium


Témé Tan is the alias of multi-instrumentalist and producer Tanguy Haesevoets. A childhood in Kinshasa, his Congolese heritage fuelled his earliest memories of uncles playing rumba records and the zouk tapes of his cousins.

A Beastie Boys concert on his eighteenth birthday changed everything. He left the gig committed to becoming a musician. Self learning guitar by playing along with Brazilian and Malian music he began to compose remarkably sophisticated demos using mini disks and a secondhand MPC 2000XL.

Returning from travels through Andalucia, Japan and Guatemala to rural Belgium Teme Tan began to take shape and evolve.

An endlessly complex, and rich, musical stew bubbling with flavours and influences. There are traces of Grizzly Bear and Radiohead chopped up with Ali Farka Toure, Bombino and Staff Benda Bilili.

Teme Tan is an all channels open receiver and transmitter. No rules, no sound is out of bounds. Not for purists, a fantastic sound of confusion and chaos that, somehow, makes perfect musical sense.

    • Améthys
    • Ca Va Pas La Tête
    • Coups De Griffe

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Témé Tan