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Play It Again Sam
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Strictly Confidential

Oscar & The Wolf (A.K.A Max Colombie) wrote "James" in a dream, ‘I woke up and had the whole thing in my head. From the vocal line to the drums to the chords to the whole arrangement.’ The track title, "James" is in honour of the birth of his baby nephew, whom was born on the same day that Max went into the studio to record the song.

The atmosphere is deliberately set in the golden haze of the French and Italian Riviera. Max was inspired by their slower way of living, the clothing, the aesthetic, the photography and films. He combines this with shady vampire sounds, that he has held reference to since his debut "Entity".

"James" is unlike anything he’s ever written – it’s characteristically blissful and far from minimalist. Oscar never sinks into the atmosphere of the production, the arrangement nourishes the vibe, his multiple hooks and moody grooves keep you apprehended. Honest and heart wrenching in his lyricism, Oscar opens with the line ‘I don’t want to see you’, the track develops and meandering in the bridge is a synth solo that climaxes into pure pop brilliance.

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