Disco Boy OST


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Clivage Music

Ten years after his first soundtrack experience, French producer Vitalic returns to the world of film. Vitalic has recorded the original soundtrack to the film Disco Boy by director Giacomo Abbruzzese. The film hits cinemas in France on 3rd May.

For Vitalic, composing the soundtrack was a lengthy process. “It took me two years to finish the music for the film, during which I was also recording my double album Dissidænce. A huge amount of work on the music was done while the film was being edited, with a lot of iterations between me and the director. Giacomo explained the sort of sounds he wanted, the atmosphere, and also gave me very specific time constraints.”

The film’s soundtrack is just as powerful as the film. “The music is a character in the film. It has a strong presence and can be listened to like an album. It has depth, and navigates between different atmospheres.”

With nine tracks on the soundtrack, Vitalic reveals a new side to his mastery ofmachines with brand new sonic landscapes, and shows the ease with which he can contribute to a captivating film project