Oscar and the Wolf

Alternative | Belgique


Oscar And The Wolf is the enigmatic alter ego of Max Colombie. The 23-year-old from Belgium pours a louche, lugubrious and decadent drawl over a lush, dark and exquisite electronic symphony. Below beats a sedated, slow motion beat. It is ravishing, beguiling and dangerously dramatic.

Entity is Oscar and the Wolf’s album. An intensely personal work. Everything written, played and co- produced by Max.

Entity is, Max explains, “about reaching out for this person that I was in love with but was too scared to contact in the normal way - this is my way of contacting them. I think I saw this person maybe four times in my life. I can be obsessed with someone just by looking into their eyes. Entity is about the dark side of desire, but there is joy, too. I just don’t want to be in some grey happy zone. I’m into extremes.”

The aching, sensual slow jams are dream memory’s of Max “going to nightclubs back in Brussels where I was surrounded by a lot of slow beats and people dancing together - it’s really emotional dance music.”

Records like Entity don’t come along very often which only makes them more precious when they appear.

    • Dancing Machine
      • James
      • Exotic
      • Breathing
      • Runaway

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