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Few musical discoveries in recent years - perhaps ever - have been as staggering as that of Soap&Skin aka Anja Plaschg. The expression 'an old soul in a young body' has been attached to Anja Plaschg more than once and as she releases her mini-album, 'Narrow', entirely self-played and produced, she again sounds wise beyond her years. The teenage wunderkind whose 2009 debut albumLovetune for Vacuum charted across Europe attempted to look twice her age in the cover portrait, and if she didn't quite pull it off she certainly made a convincing widow in weeds.

In her early twenties, Plaschg still retains the fearlessness of youth, and if Narrow is more vulnerable than her debut then it's proof that self-doubt comes with experience. The young Austrian remains a talent to be mentioned alongside Kate Bush and fellow farm girl Polly Jean Harvey.