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Oscar and the Wolf

Oscar And The Wolf is the alter ego of Max Colombie, a 23-year-old from Belgium whose distinctive tremulous drawl lends an air of exquisite ravishment to his lush synth-phonies and downtempo lovebeats.  Entity is Oscar and the Wolf’s album, whose beautiful music Max wrote, performed and co-produced.  

All the songs on Entity are, Max explains, “about reaching out for this person that I was in love with but was too scared to contact in the normal way - this is my way of contacting them”. He adds: “I think I saw this person maybe four times in my life. I can be obsessed with someone just by looking into their eyes. Entity is about the dark side of desire, but there is joy, too. I just don’t want to be in some grey happy zone. I’m into extremes.”

Entity is an album of aching slow jams resulting from Max “going to nightclubs back in Brussels where I was surrounded by a lot of slow beats and people dancing together - it’s really emotional dance music.”

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