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Jonathan Jeremiah

Jeremiah’s first, acclaimed album was released by Island Records, and took him many years of soul-searching and dedication. Much of it was written in his early 20s, while he spent time travelling across the US, finessing the growing cache of songs that were emerging from his heartache. Returning to London, he got a job at Wembley Arena as a security guard, and spent every penny he could on the subsequent, painstakingly self-produced recordings. In addition, he hired Jules Buckley, founder of the Heritage Orchestra, to arrange his songs – they’re now regular collaborators – and brought in the finest musicians he could find, including The Roots’ Questlove, who drummed on his first EP, and James Brown’s backing band, whom he met at London’s Jazz Café.  Additionally, one song, ‘Heart Of Stone’, was co-written by Bernard Butler.

Two further albums followed, 2012’s Gold Dust and 2015’s Oh Desire, both of which consolidated his audience, especially in mainland Europe, and earned him further accolades, not least a phone call from legendary James Bond composer John Barry, who offered to write with him. (“Afterwards, I played the ideas to my record company,” Jeremiah sighs, “and they said, ‘Well, I think we know who this guy is, but we want you to work with Chipmunk’.”) Nonetheless, it’s this fourth album, Good Day which represents Jeremiah at his finest. “Some things just take a little longer to find their way,” he laughs, shrugging. “It’s taken me a while to find who I am, and what I want to sing about.”

New single - good Day